Hugo Myny


"May you enjoy viewing my nine galleries of images and refections". Humyny 2008AD

A Short Explanation: "I have read hundreds of statements and manifestos by artists. At times, a pearl of wisdom or deep insight has moved me. But frankly, I could not say with certainty why I do paint. An inner compulsion seems to determine the subject matter for a painting. In lucid dreams, I can work out the composition and technique. In short, let me say that my work is my statement." Humyny 2007AD

"The eye symbol under the signature on the paintings is to celebrate the restoration of my eyesight in 1981. During the rapid loss of vision, I got some insight as to why Van Gogh painted halos around light sources, and why Maurice Utrillo painted those churches suspended seemingly in mid-air. I, too, did see the world like that, and as the loss of eyesight progressed, it was as if I did see everything through a keyhole."

Humyny 2007AD

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Hugo Myny 2005 Photo by  Karen Durant of  Durant  Illusions